Front-End Engineer at LandVault (formerly Admix)

Developing a healthy content management system.

My primary duties at LandVault were centered around the creation and maintenance of multiple Content Management Systems (CMS).

When I was hired, (then) Admix's branded corporate properites were scattered around the web in multiple different systems. They had some page-builder-style properties, a few WordPress instances, and some static sites.

Throughout my time, we began transitioning everything into Statamic, which is a CMS with a flat-file database based on Markdown. If you haven't checked it out, you really should.

Additionally, the documentation for the company's primary software product was stuck on version 1 of Docusaurus, and I migrated them to version 2. This required some basic React-foo, but otherwise was fairly straightforward.

While the company was based in London, I worked fully-remote.



Corporate Site CMSs

Docs CMS

Team Lead at Smartly.io

From front-end to team lead.

Smartly.io provides powerful marketing automation tools for advertisers, and I was priveleged to join their team as a front-end engineer. While there, I was promoted to team lead of an adjacent team.

My first team worked primarly on a web-based image and video editing tool that allowed marketers to combine large catalogs of products with creative assets to automate the production of social media advertisements.

The tool was incredibly complex and uses a host of rendering pipelines and queues to deliver our final products to various other microservices. Additionally, the UI/UX for a tool of that nature was additionally complex, and involved a very large Redux setup that needed to remain performant and maintainable as the code base grew.


Front End Developer at Unity Technologies

Front End development at scale.

I began working with the Advertiser Tools team at Unity's Helsinki office as their first Front End Developer. Up to that time, the whole team had been "full stack", but they had decided they needed some additional expertise in front-end work.

My primary responsibilities lay in contributing to the Advertiser Tools Dashboard, which was React/Redux powered form that allowed Advertisers to configure campaigns and set bids. This dashboard integrated with the wider Unity system in an architecture of microservices and microfrontends that our team would work with in order to accomplish our goals.


Front-End Developer at Quentic Group

From websites to applications.

My work at Quentic Group involved continuing feature work on their web-based enterprise health and safety tracking application. The backend of this system was written with cloud functions in Azure, and its data was consumed by both my front-end and a React Native application maintained by another team. As such, I had very little exposure to any backend work.

The tool had recently been rewritten with React/Redux, and there were a number of architectural decisions in that process that were problematic, resulting in hard to trace bugs. Thus, most of my work consisted in determining the cause of these bugs, as well as their easiest possible resolution.


Web Developer at Universal Health Services, Inc.

Powering a content marketing team.

At UHS, I worked with a content marketing team that deployed dozens of WordPress sites as part of a wide-funnel approach to patient marketing. The purpose of these sites ranged from providing general information for prospective patience under non-branded properties, to managing the corporate websites for a few dozen local clinics.

While each individual site was a relatively straightforward WordPress instance, managing and maintaining these sites had become a significant hassle for the team, whose primary focus had been on design and UX to that point. While there, I helped develop and deploy multiple DevOps processes to drive productivity. Additionally, I contributed to the foundation of a design system that would be deployed across all of the branded properties.



I am an ambitious, self-taught web developer who lives at the intersection of good design, content, and code. With a background and education in the arts and humanities, years of professional and personal experience in coding, and a passion for creating useful products, I have a lot to offer any team looking to build a great user experience on the web.

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