Front-End Engineer at LandVault (formerly Admix)

Developing a healthy content management system.

My primary duties at LandVault were centered around the creation and maintenance of multiple Content Management Systems (CMS).

When I was hired, (then) Admix's branded corporate properites were scattered around the web in multiple different systems. They had some page-builder-style properties, a few WordPress instances, and some static sites.

Throughout my time, we began transitioning everything into Statamic, which is a CMS with a flat-file database based on Markdown. If you haven't checked it out, you really should.

Additionally, the documentation for the company's primary software product was stuck on version 1 of Docusaurus, and I migrated them to version 2. This required some basic React-foo, but otherwise was fairly straightforward.

While the company was based in London, I worked fully-remote.



Corporate Site CMSs

Docs CMS


I am an ambitious, self-taught web developer who lives at the intersection of good design, content, and code. With a background and education in the arts and humanities, years of professional and personal experience in coding, and a passion for creating useful products, I have a lot to offer any team looking to build a great user experience on the web.

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