Front-End Developer at Quentic Group

From websites to applications.

My work at Quentic Group involved continuing feature work on their web-based enterprise health and safety tracking application. The backend of this system was written with cloud functions in Azure, and its data was consumed by both my front-end and a React Native application maintained by another team. As such, I had very little exposure to any backend work.

The tool had recently been rewritten with React/Redux, and there were a number of architectural decisions in that process that were problematic, resulting in hard to trace bugs. Thus, most of my work consisted in determining the cause of these bugs, as well as their easiest possible resolution.



I am an ambitious, self-taught web developer who lives at the intersection of good design, content, and code. With a background and education in the arts and humanities, years of professional and personal experience in coding, and a passion for creating useful products, I have a lot to offer any team looking to build a great user experience on the web.

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