Web Developer at Universal Health Services, Inc.

Powering a content marketing team.

At UHS, I worked with a content marketing team that deployed dozens of WordPress sites as part of a wide-funnel approach to patient marketing. The purpose of these sites ranged from providing general information for prospective patience under non-branded properties, to managing the corporate websites for a few dozen local clinics.

While each individual site was a relatively straightforward WordPress instance, managing and maintaining these sites had become a significant hassle for the team, whose primary focus had been on design and UX to that point. While there, I helped develop and deploy multiple DevOps processes to drive productivity. Additionally, I contributed to the foundation of a design system that would be deployed across all of the branded properties.



I am an ambitious, self-taught web developer who lives at the intersection of good design, content, and code. With a background and education in the arts and humanities, years of professional and personal experience in coding, and a passion for creating useful products, I have a lot to offer any team looking to build a great user experience on the web.

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